What?? Donny Osmond Gets Married!

Devastating News

On October 10, 1978, I received some devastating news. It was a normal fall day and I had just got home from school. so naturally I was happy. On that particular day, my mother took me aside and stated; “There is something that I need to show you”. She pulled out our local newspaper and handed me an article with a picture and a headline that read; “Donny Osmond Get’s Married”.

WHAT? How did this happen? How did I not see this coming? I read Tiger Beat and Teen Beat, so I was a walking encyclopedia on Donny’s comings and goings. I knew all of Donny’s “Secrets”. I took the “Do You Dare Love Him” quiz.  Heck. I even read all of his “Private Confessions of Love” in the 1972 Teen World Edition. I knew everything about Donny but I missed this important detail?

I went back to my printed sources and there was not one word mentioned about Donny’s love interest. I had to turn to an official source like the newspaper to actually know the truth. I unsubscribed to Tiger and Teen Beat until I saw Shaun Cassidy on the cover one day then quickly renewed it. I decided that these periodicals had better pictures in them and newspaper ink tastes bad.



The Reliable Source

We often turn to all kinds of sources to receive news and info, but if you want the truth and the truth all the time, then the Bible is THE official source. All the way back in the Old Testament God told us that the Messiah was coming. Isaiah who lived about 700 years before Jesus was born, gave us a good description of who He was what He would do.  The description that God gave Isaiah was pretty detailed and completely accurate.

We learn…

  1. How Jesus grew up (Isaiah 53:2)
  2. Jesus’ physical description (Isaiah 53:2)
  3. That He was despised, rejected and He knew grief (Isaiah 53:3)
  4. He made our grief and sorrows His own and carries them, so we don’t have to (Isaiah 53:4)
  5. He was stricken, smitten by God and afflicted for our sake (Isaiah 53:5)
  6. That He suffered for our rebellion (Isaiah 53:5)
  7. We are healed by His suffering (Isaiah 53:5)
  8. He didn’t defend Himself (Isaiah 53:7)
  9. It was God’s plan and pleasure for Jesus to die and then raise to life (Isaiah 53:10)
  10. He shall live for eternity (Isaiah 53:10)
  11. His offering through death will save many (any who repent and believe) but not all (those that choose not to believe) (Isaiah 53:11-12)

If you take the time to read the official source of knowledge about God which is His Holy Word, then you find the truth.  Then it becomes a point of confrontation.  Do you believe the official source or not?

People (like myself) can believe all kinds of things they read and from all kinds of sources, even Tiger Beat!  But they can’t or won’t believe the Bible.  With all it’s accuracies, people still choose to disobey; they choose to rebel.  I was one of them and I did it for 30 plus years.  The real reason I rebelled for so long was that I was too caught up in my own world to really seek the truth and because no one loved me enough to tell me about Jesus.  What will those around you think when they someday learn the truth?  What happens when that “one day” is a day too late?

Jesus gave His life so that we may live.  He lost, so we could win.

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