Is This My Daughter or Did I Give Birth to a Klingon?

Have you asked yourself this question lately, when gazing at your daughter’s eyebrows?  Have you recently been out to your local dining/shopping establishments and wondered if all the young women are make-up artists for Bernie Sanders?  I have!  If you are like me, new fashion trends are not something you keep up with.  So, coming face-to-face with the new “eyebrow phenomenon” led me to some crazy and quite terrifying questions.


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Terrifying Eyebrow Questions

What are these crazy and terrifying questions?

  1. Am I living in an alternate universe?
  2. Did I just accidentally walk into the filming of the latest Stephen King Novel at Chick-fil-A?
  3. Has the “Trekkie Convention” moved its venue from Las Vegas to Southern Virginia?
  4. Was there an Alien Invasion in Walmart that I am unaware of? (Ok I have asked myself that question since 1996)
  5. Is Bernie Sanders replacing Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model?

My Surprise

To my surprise and relief, the answer was no, nope, nada, no way, and negative.  What I experienced was not the FX crew filming a new horror story, it was not extra-terrestrial in origin and it was not Democratic-Socialist in nature.  What I did encounter was just the new fashion in make-up; the Klingon eyebrows!  Whew!  Now I can remove the garlic from under my pillow and take off the aluminum foil hat!  No more undue fear or fashion deficit for me!  From now on, I am keeping up with all the latest trends by subscribing to Vogue or Popular Science magazines; whichever is cheaper.

“Ghos Kyamo!”

So, how about you?  Are you ready for all the newest beauty tips?  I say,  “Ghos Kyamo!”  That’s Klingonese for “go be beautiful”!

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