Woodland Decor

Woodland Fall Decor 2018

I LOVE decorating and I love looking at how other people decorate.  It gives me ideas!  I have a very weird design style, which I refer to as Woodland Decor.  It is a cross between 1800’s farmhouse, western, rustic, lodge and throw in some 1930/1940’s decor.  The other biggie for me is that I have to put things in my house that mean something to me.  I have a lot more in storage so until our house is built, I have limited items in our rental.  When the new house it built, I will have a bigger area to decorate, and I am going to need it.  I have a ton of kitchen stuff that I have not put out.  Our current kitchen and dining room still have the old 70’s paneling, which I do not like.  So, I have avoided posting any photos in those rooms.  Anyway, send me some pics of your house!  I just might steal an idea or two from you!

Using old tool boxes

I love using old handmade toolboxes for old books, a flameless candle and a spray of fall leaves.


An old toolbox with flowers and my husband’s two favorite Stetsons

Using old rusty kitchen equipment

Old books with a flameless candle covered with an old rusty colander.  The colander diffuses the light at night.  I also love old phones and this one works.  I don’t buy anything old that doesn’t won’t work anymore.

And don’t forget the bathrooms

And old scale with a flameless candle, pumpkin spice pine cones, and fall foliage.  I have another and much bigger scale but I don’t have anywhere to hang it right now.

An old bleach bottle with cotton.  My grandfather’s straight razors and flameless candles.

One of my favorite things

This is one of my favorite things.  Mt. St. Helen’s ash from 1980.  I lived in Oregon when the mountain blew.  There was so much ash that it blew 350 miles south to where I lived.  I have kept it all these years.

Some of my favorite spots

The Den

This is my den looking into the living room of our rental.  I love old radios (and it works), Tiffany lamps (fake because the real ones are too expensive), plants, and old pear box from the Harry & David plant in Medford, Oregon.  Everyone who lived in Medford, had a collection of these old pear boxes and I still have a few left.  The old washstand I purchased for only $85!  I have seen them for like $350.  There is also an Indian Maiden in a very old beveled picture frame that belonged to my Grandmother, hanging over the chair.  My Grandmother old’s lace scarf with my Mom and Grandfather’s pic at her wedding, and an old dog door prop that looks just like my first dog named, Tina.

The Living Room

This is my living room looking into the den.  I love the pic on the wall that belonged to my husband’s grandmother.  It is a black & white (which I love) of sheep walking through two mountains.  It reminds me of Jesus the Good Shepherd when I look at it.   I use the replica radio that my Hubby bought me all the time.  My Grandparent’s marriage certificate from 1943, which just last week I found a stand for.  I bought the Steel Workers pic and framed it myself.  What is really cool is that I bought it years ago and then la, later on,actually stayed in one of the hotels pictured in it for Julie’s (my stepsister’s) wedding.  The old phone my husband restored and when we get into our permanent house, I plan on hooking it up.

The “Casablanca” pic is actually an old piece of wood that is used to dry raisins on.  It is called a Raisin Rack (duh).  I have one of “Gone With the Wind” which I bought in the 80’s in Medford, Oregon.  They are not easy to find and I happened upon “Casablanca” a couple of years ago in Wakefield, Virginia.  I love old Hollywood movie advertisements.  I have an “It’s a Wonderful Life” tapestry and nowhere to hang it in my rental.  My Great-Grandparents original Wedding photos from the 1800’s.  I don’t like gold frames, but I wanted them to look old and stand out and it worked.  There is also the small Cross that my Husband made me which I love.


I am not crazy about cubbies like this but I am making the most of it.  My cousin Sandy gave me this “Home” sign which I love.  This is another old bleach bottle and a couple of wood pieces that “spoke” to me one day in an antique shop.

My Oregon Bathroom

I love living in Virginia, but I miss Oregon.  So, I bring a little Oregon to my home, even if it is in my bathroom!  I love this painting of a man fishing on the Rogue River, the Douglas Fir wood carving and the only Oregon pine cones I have left.


Thanks for letting me share and PLEASE, send me some of you pics!




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