Have you ever put your complete trust and faith in someone even when their ideas seem a little crazy?

Well, I did.  You see, I spent my entire childhood placing complete trust and faith in my cousin Sandy and the feeling was mutual.  When one of us had an idea, no matter how outrageous, we just went with it.  Putting your trust in faith in another person sounds great, but it helps if that person has some level of common sense.  That, unfortunately, is where Sandy and I came up short.

The Idea

This episode begins when Sandy and I decided to decorate for my brother’s second birthday party.  We wanted my Aunt Peggy’s (Sandy’s mom) living room and hallway to be colorful and festive for the following day’s party.  While our parents were outside grilling dinner, Sandy and I spent our time in her bedroom coloring pictures in her coloring books.  When we were done, we ripped the pages out and started hanging them on Aunt Peggy’s walls.  We tried hanging our artwork with string, clothespins, and we even tried some Wrigley’s Doublemint, but nothing seemed to work.  That’s when the idea hit Sandy.  She told me she had seen some yellow glue in Aunt Peggy’s purse and to go get it.

Complete Trust and Faith

As I walked down the hallway, I had a fleeting moment of sanity and thought that using glue on walls might be a little crazy.  Heck with that, Sandy knows what she’s doing, I have complete faith and trust in her! So, we began.  We smeared the watery, yellow glue all over the walls and it worked!  Once it dried, Aunt Peg’s living room and hallway would look great. Sandy and I were so proud of what we had accomplished, so we ran outside and brought our moms in to view our newly hung art gallery.

Yellow Glue?

This is where it gets bad; really, really, really, bad.  Yes, they loved our pictures but the first thing Aunt Peggy wanted to know was what we had used to hang them up with.  Sandy held up the glue bottle and said, “We used the yellow glue in your purse and when it dries it will look really good.”  I thought Aunt Peggy’s head was going to explode as she screamed, “That wasn’t yellow glue, that was my urine sample!”  Hey, there were a couple of victories here.  The “fragrance” moved the party to the local park and Aunt Peggy got her walls repainted.

I Am Here For God

There is a great victory in the Bible, too.  This is the victory in Jericho.

In the book of Joshua 5:13-6:20, God told the Israelites when they crossed the Jordan River, they would face many enemies.  He also said that as long as they were obedient, He would be with them where ever they went.  Where on the Jordan River did they cross?  The most dangerous place they could; right in front of the strongest military post in Canaan, the town of Jericho.  So, as Joshua stands outside the towering fortress that surrounded the city, the Commander of the army of the Lord appears before him.  “Are you here of us or our enemies?”, asked Joshua.  His response is a little surprising.  He tells Joshua that He is not here for either side.  He is here for God!  Ouch, that must have hurt and we can assume that because Joshua falls to his face on the ground and worships Him.  The bottom line here?  When the Commander of the army of the Lord shows up…the battle is already won!

The Plan of Attack

Militarily speaking, the inhabitants, of Jericho had the upper hand.  They were in this towering fortress and could attack from on top anyone below, but they were scared.  They had heard about the Israelites and their God, so they shut the doors and no one was coming or going. Here’s where it gets crazy.  God told Joshua, I have given this town to you but here is my plan of attack.  I want you all to march around the city walls once, every day for 6 days, blowing the trumpet.  Then on the 7th day, I want you to march around the city walls 7 times, blow the trumpet and then everybody yell.  I don’t know what Joshua or the Israelites thought, but I know what they did.  They obeyed and guess what?  It worked!  The walls, they came-a-tumbling-down!

The Lesson

As crazy as God’s instructions seemed, the Israelites displayed their trust and faith in God through their obedience.  The lesson here is quite simple.  First, the battle had already been won!  Second, God just wants us to believe it!  Third, we demonstrate that belief- that faith and trust in God-by obeying Him!  There is only one person we can put our complete trust and faith in and it ain’t my cousin Sandy with a glue bottle in her hand!

If God is asking or leading you to do something that might seem a little crazy or might put you outside your comfort zone; just do it.  It might be a simple lesson like stretching your faith and trust in Him or there could be a victory already won if you obey.  It’s simple math; Trust+Faith=Obedience!

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