Are You a Friend of God?

True followers of God are called His Friends

As a child, we had a family friend named Don.  Don was a huge fan and follower of John Wayne.  He acted like him, he dressed like him, he walked liked him and he even talked like him at times.  Conversations with Don were not only annoying but very disarming.  At any time he could turn into John Wayne!  He would be talking about his car and then all of a sudden you found yourself in the middle of a scene from Rio Bravo.   In 1975 Don’s dreams came true when the “Real” John Wayne came to our town to film the movie, Rooster Cogburn.  Don just knew that he would be picked to be John’s double.  After all, Don actually thought he was John Wayne.  He had John’s voice, he looked like John, and he had the same amazing abilities with a gun and a horse as John.  The problem was that Don was a bit delusional.  First, he was almost a full-blooded American Indian and ten shades darker than John.  Second, He was roughly eight inches shorter than John and he sounded like John with a severe Sinus Infection.   Don didn’t get the part and was crushed when they sent him, his horse, his gun, and his nasal issues packing.  Don may have lost but John Wayne fans worldwide actually won.  You gotta lose to win!

There’s more to it

You see there is more to being John Wayne than just acting like him.  This is true for being a friend of Jesus.  Walking the part, talking the part and even looking the part doesn’t make you His friend.  It goes way deeper than that.  There are no actions, words or even good deeds that make you His friend.  In John 15:12-17, Jesus tells us that we are His friends if we do what He commanded us to do.  What is it that He commanded?  We are to love one another.  This isn’t the simple, “I love you man” feeling that we so carelessly toss around.  Jesus tells us what this love is.  It is the love that He has shown us; love that we are willing to give our lives for.  If we love others like that then we surely are His friends and His followers.

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