Do You Know Jesus-Day 2

My Ex-Future Husband

I want to tell you about a guy I was going to marry years ago.  His name is Donny Osmond.  He was born on Dec 9th in Ogden, Utah.  He has a big family.  He has 7 brothers and 1 sister.  He was and still is a Mormon.  He is about 5’9’ has dark brown eyes and hair.  His favorite color is purple and he loves meatloaf and Snickers bars.  He has a lot of talents.  He plays many instruments, sings and knows all about electronics. He was and is the cutest and the grooviest guy on planet earth.  So why didn’t I didn’t marry him?

Because I’ve never met him.  I know all about Donny but I don’t know Donny.

I can’t blame Donny because it’s really hard to form a relationship with someone when the only evidence of their existence is a random phone call you received from them in 1974.  A relationship requires effort from both sides.

Knowing Jesus or Knowing About Jesus

Many people treat Jesus the same way.  See, you can know all about Jesus, you can know His birthday, what He did when He was here on earth.  You can know the Words He said, the miracles He performed and you can even say you believe in Jesus, but that doesn’t mean you know Him.  That doesn’t mean that you go to Heaven.  Let me tell you, Satan knows all of this too but do you think that he is going to heaven?

If you were able to pass the  Day 1 “Jesus” quiz then it would be safe to say that you know all about Jesus.  But do you really know Jesus?

I will answer that question on Day 3.


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