My New Business

While preparing for our move I have been cleaning out our house from top-to-bottom, so do I have a deal for you today!  Do you need a break from cooking dinner?  Are you tired of preparing the same old meals?  Is your family of four craving a quick gourmet dinner?  Forget “Blue Apron”, “Plated” or “Hello Fresh” and welcome to “Black-Hole Freezer”!  I am making this one time offer of carefully and meticulously already-prepared gourmet meals for you and your family to enjoy.  Just one touch of the defrost button on your microwave then sit back and watch these succulent meals de-thaw before your very eyes.  Take a gaze at the delicious delectables which are yours to choose from for only $29.99.  Hurry up while supplies last and email your orders to “Black Hole Freezer”!  (delivery, taxes, fees, and surcharge apply).


Market fresh farm raised pork braised in bone stock with petite russet wedged potatoes, succulent sweet carrots, and glazed Vidalia onions…in other words pork roast.

Filet of chicken tenderloin fused with a pureed blend of local celery and carrots nestled within a deconstructed homemade biscuit…in other words, chicken and dumplings.

This current iteration is a composition of foraged mushrooms, grass-fed beef rendered to perfection, with a tomato reduction and organic pasta fusilli…in other words, goulash.

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