Being Stuck

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Have you ever seen the success of others and felt like you were stuck where you are?

I can answer that with a resounding yes!  From the time I was 8 years old, I knew that I would find success.  I had no doubts that one day I would be rich and famous.  You see, I had many gifts and talents that, despite my humility, would shoot me straight to the top.  For most people, becoming rich and famous requires a lot of hard work, over a long period of time, but I was different.  I had an ace in the hole.  When you are the future Mrs. Donald Clark Osmond, your gifts, they just come naturally.  I mean why would I be given all those talents and gifts, and still stay stuck where I was?

The Big Two-O Hits

Well, by the time I hit 20 that dream of a rich and famous life, had turned into the nightmare of becoming an adult.  Not only had Donny ditched me for another woman, I then faced the brutal reality that all 20-year old’s face.  Being an adult stunk!  I had car payments, insurance, rent, phone bills and I actually had to get medical insurance.  All of that left me broke, tired, and feeling sorry for myself.  I was stuck where I was and with a pile of bills!

Hello, Robin Leach

So, one day, I turned on the television to take my mind off my misery.  Who else appeared on my Magnavox 13-inch black and white screen, but Robin Leach and his Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!  I watched as Robin landed at a wedding on a private island of some billionaire.  At the following reception, Robin stepped onto the stage and introduced a special guest singer, named Cher.  Then I released a sigh as he meandered through the crowd of dancing celebrities in their Miami Vice suits and shoulder pad dresses.  That’s when I saw her, right there on my 13-inch screen.  It was a girl I went to high school with, dancing away on the billionaire’s private island.  She was living my rich and famous life!  She was enjoying all of my champagne wishes and caviar dreams while I was stuck eating Ramen Noodles on a slip-covered couch with no air conditioning!

I was depressed, jealous, envious, and I felt like I was getting a raw deal!  Someone was looking out for her and forgetting all about me!

Same Feelings and Then Reversed

In Genesis 37 Joseph’s brothers shared the same feelings that I had.  They are stuck and getting a raw deal.  They were being over-looked because Joseph was the favored son.  Joseph hadn’t helped the situation either when he told them his dreams of ruling over the one day.  The resentment and envy that his ten older brothers had was building and it had one inevitable outcome; hatred for Joseph.

Now don’t feel sorry for this band of brothers because each one was playing their own game.  All of them wanted to be their fathers favorite.  They may have felt like no one was looking out for them, but they were sure looking after their own self-interest.  First things first, they need to get rid of little Joey!  So, when the opportunity presents itself, they jump all over it.  Their solution?  Let’s kill Daddy’s favorite and throw him into a pit!  Brother Reuben one of the brighter brothers steps up and says, yes, you can throw him a pit but don’t kill him.  Saving Joseph will help him find favor with his father.  While the rest of them are just sitting around contemplating all of this, they see a caravan of merchants headed their way.  So Judah, another brother, gets the bright idea that they should make some money off this deal.  The caravan purchases Joseph and they carry him away to Egypt.

It’s not over for these brothers.  They were free of their feelings and the one they hated but they still had their father to face.  A good lie to Dad should do the trick (one they would pay for).  Joseph?  Well, now the roles are reversed.  He is stuck and getting a raw deal.  Was anyone looking out for him?

The Lord Was With Joseph

Yes!  The Lord was with Joseph and put Joseph in an influential place with the Egyptian’s captain of the guard.  The Lord made Joseph prosper in his new position.  All seems well until the Egyptian’s wife wants to get a little too cozy with Joseph.  She makes her move and then Joseph makes his; right out of the door!  What happens?  False accusations land him in prison; stuck again!  But the Lord is with Joseph and makes him prosper from jail!

Joseph’s troubles don’t end.   Joseph helps out his fellow captives who are in need of assistance but once again, he is stuck and forgotten in jail.  Then a third time, the Lord intervenes and makes Joseph even more prosperous.  Joseph goes from prisoner to second in command of all of Egypt.

Being Stuck Where He Wants You

Joseph might have seemed stuck to anyone reading this account.  But Joseph didn’t look at it that way.  Why?  Because everywhere Joseph got stuck, God used him!  He was learning.  He was being prepared for the ultimate job that God had planned for him.  It was the same with me.  No, I didn’t get to live the rich and famous life that I wanted and my high school classmate ended up with.  I got a much better deal!  I got to meet the King of the World and the Ruler of all, Jesus!  Once I got to know Him, I realized while sitting on my slip-covered couch that He never forgets about those who call Him Savior.  I may be stuck but I am stuck where He wants me and that is exactly where I need to be.

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