God is Our Protector

Barnabus and Robin

Daniel 3:1-30, 6:1-28

All of us as kids were afraid of things like sleeping in a dark room or monsters under our beds.  Hands down, the biggest fear I had as a kid was being bitten by Jonathan Frid. I wasn’t the only kid with this fear, all the kids were afraid of being bit by Jonathan. You see every day at 4 p.m. we would glue ourselves to the television as Jonathan aka Barnabas Collins would bite someone in the neck and then watch as they would slowly turn into a vampire. I thought he was real and it scared me to death.

I need a Hero

Living in a world where Barnabas could show up at any time and turn me into a night dweller I had to counteract the threat with a protector; a hero. So, I chose a hero or should I say heroes, that I could put my trust in.  In my mind, there was no one else as capable as the black knight and the boy wonder, the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin! I watched their show too and I knew that they were out there fighting crime and evil men like the Penguin and the Joker so they could handle Barnabas.

Robin arrives

Well, one day I got some incredible news and my dream came true. The one and only boy wonder, the real deal, Batman’s right-hand man Robin himself, was coming to our town! My cousin Sandy and I begged my mother to take us to see him. Now I am going to blame it on our youth because for some reason we never second-guessed his visit. We just assumed that it was natural for our superhero, our protector and the crime-fighting sidekick of Batman, to come to a no-name, small southern Oregon town to meet me and Sandy in a…furniture store! I mean why not? Well, we figured it out when we got there. Robin the boy wonder wasn’t really interested in meeting the children he was there to pick up women. He actually asked my mom out on a date. He asked a lot of mom’s out on dates. Sandy and I left the furniture store totally discouraged and so did Robin. I guess being hit on by a man in a green and red bodysuit wearing hose and pointy shoes doesn’t make you much of a chick magnet.

God my Protector

I am so thankful that many years later, God showed me mercy and saved me. I learned that the Barnabas’ of this world have no power over me. I also learned that the Robins of this world can’t protect me (or have a successful dating life). I have a God that will protect me, whom I can put all my trust in. That is exactly what Daniel’s buddies demonstrated.  In Daniel 3:1-30, 6:1-28 when King Nebuchadnezzar ordered that everyone fall down and worship the statue that he had built, Daniel’s buddies refused.   Because they refused, they were thrown into a fiery furnace.  Now all they had to do was to bow down to Nebuchadnezzar, even if they didn’t really mean it or actually worship him.  Wasn’t “taking a knee” worth it?  God knew their hearts.  Instead, they put their trust in, the ALMIGHTY GOD!  They didn’t know the outcome of this situation but they KNEW HIM!    Being a true worshipper as described by Jesus is someone who is willing to lay down their life to follow Him. Daniel’s buddies, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were all thrown into a fiery furnace because they refused to bow to Nebuchadnezer, but they were not in the furnace alone!  In the end, these three were saved and their actions caused a mighty change in the King.  They were willing to lose their lives, but in the end, they won.  Read the account for yourself in Daniel 3:12-3: 30.  

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