Who Am I?

My name is Debbie Davie and I was born at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX. Then we moved when my dad was transferred to Fort Huachuca, AZ. When he got out of the Army, just prior to the escalation in Viet Nam, we moved to Baltimore where my parents were from. When I was 2, we moved to Hampton, VA and then at the age of 8 we moved to Medford, Oregon until I was 20. Then we moved back to VA and I have lived here ever since.

Growing up, my parents, myself and my younger brother, spent a lot of time together in the outdoors of Southern Oregon and Northern California. We camped in the Redwood forest, mined for gold using dynamite in the mountains of Oregon, and I spent a lot of nights in my sleeping bag afraid of a random Big Foot attack.

My parents were very traditional, strict, highly moral non-believers. My dad was agnostic and my mother believed in God but she was not a follower. The only thing I knew about God was from what I read in the Bible Storybooks by Arthur Maxwell, in the waiting room of my dentist office and by watching movies like, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, “The Ten Commandments” and “Ben Hur”, on television.

My extended family are not normal people at all. The best way to describe life with them is like living in a really, long episode of I Love Lucy. This is the episode where your uncle disappears for years and then claims he was lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Then add in an aunt who uses KFC buckets as lampshades, throw in 2 Barney Fifes and a lot of Cousin Eddies.

I left Oregon as a McDonald’s manager at the age of 20 and went to work at the Farm Fresh Supermarkets. I met Monk (my husband) when I was 21 and then we got married, but not to each other. My parents divorced when I was 23 and then I got divorced when I was 28. I didn’t think much about God during this time but he was thinking about me. When I was 25, my brother died tragically and suddenly. This left me with one huge question; Did my brother go to Heaven?

I really needed to know this. I read books and articles, asked people I thought would know, I went to a Catholic church and even talked to the priest. No one could answer the question for me. I finally found the answer one day, not from a Pastor, not in a church, but in Farm Fresh. That is when I met Monk again. While talking to him, he said he could tell me whether my brother Steve was in Heaven. Monk went through the plan of salvation with me and told me if my brother accepted Christ as his Savior then he was in Heaven. I wasn’t too happy with this answer but it planted a seed. A few years later, I was saved when we were invited to church for a Christmas Eve service. I heard all those songs that I had learned as a kid and then a light went off in my head and in my heart and I understood it. I got saved.

We were both divorced and living in sin. Once I got saved, we knew we had to change that. We were living in Portsmouth, VA so we went to the church where he grew up and told the Pastor that I just got saved and Monk was done running from God. The Pastor married us and I was baptized one week later.We both left Farm Fresh and I went to work at the DMV and learned why all those women are so mean and nasty, so I left there and went to work at our church, where I worked for almost 12 years. I have taught children’s Bible studies, Ladies Bible studies, started the greeter ministry and most recently Monk and I had an adult class together. I have helped in a lot of the events at our church, been a guest speaker at several Ladies Conferences and Monk and I went to help a Missionary couple we are friends with, in Paraguay. I am currently trying to honor God with a new website.

Some general information you should know about me is, I have been across country 11 times, once in a Greyhound bus, 2 times in a plane, 6 times in the front of U-Haul truck and twice in the back of a Toyota pickup. One of my friends in high-school is now doing Depends commercials and I met Moses in person at an NRA rally (AKA Charlton Heston.) I am a picky eater, an excellent driver-whether I am behind the wheel or not and I have had a very unhealthy obsession with Donny Osmond almost my entire life. I love Jesus and I want to serve Him and keep growing as a Christian.