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Have you ever know someone who has a lot of knowledge and wisdom?

I have known many people throughout my life that have, or had, a lot of knowledge and wisdom.  There is one person, however, who considered herself to be the source of all knowledge and wisdom.  That would be no one other than my Grandmother, Lois.

Lois reads her “paper”

Lois knew a lot because she read a lot.  She would spend hours licking her fingertips and flipping through the pages of her “paper”, all in her search for knowledge and wisdom.  For those of you who did not know Lois, she was not one to let her hours of study go to waste.  She liked to share the knowledge and wisdom that her fingertips, saliva glands, and brain had worked so hard to discover.  This meant that we (her family) were lucky enough to be the recipients of some really interesting information.

Lois’ knowledge and wisdom

Take for instance her knowledge and wisdom on medical issues.  Did you know that if your leg is severed from your body and the paramedics accidentally forget to put it in the ambulance, then it is possible for it to find its own way to the hospital by hopping there?  You did if you knew Lois.  Did you also know that a person is capable of sneezing up to 174 miles an hour which when measured on the Saffir–Simpson Scale, classifies it as a Category 5 hurricane?  Well, Lois did.

Grandma also had a lot of knowledge and wisdom when it came to mutations.  Are you curious about where the half-human-half-Bat Boy was born, or whether he won the California gubernatorial election in 2003?  Just ask Lois.  Anyone out there unsure of the detailed medical procedures involved in transplanting an ape’s head on to a human body?  Lois could tell you.  Are you trying to ascertain exactly how Marine Scientists grew human arms on a dolphin so it would be able to use sign language and communicate with them?  Then Lois was your go-to-girl!
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Then of course grandma had knowledge and wisdom on many random topics, that we had all just failed to realize.  Were you aware that there were a group of redneck vampires who only attack trailer parks?  Me either.  Are you shocked to learn that space aliens only like country music and that the FoodChannel gave a cannibal chef his own cooking show?  I was.

Thanks to Lois’ diligent search and her  “paper”, she was truly believed that she was the source of all knowledge and wisdom!

Weekly World News knowledge and wisdom

Here’s the problem.  Lois’s “paper”?  Well, it was The Weekly World News tabloid.  The knowledge and wisdom she gleaned from this “paper”, resulted in a lot of wrong information and not just about Bat Boy and the redneck vampires.  If she desired true knowledge and wisdom then she should have gone to the only source that provides it consistently.  This would be God’s word.  Why?  Because Godly knowledge and wisdom is always true and can’t be anything but true, because it comes from God.

God’ knowledge and wisdom

Proverbs 2 tells us a lot about knowledge and wisdom.

  1. Wisdom is God’s Word
  2. It is a gift from Him.
  3. We benefit from the wisdom He gives us
  4. God guides and protects us by the wisdom He gives us
  5. We are to cry out for it, ask for it, seek it and search for the meaning of the wisdom He gives us
  6. We are to receive it, treasure it, read it, and apply it to our hearts

We can have worldly knowledge and wisdom but it’s not always reliable and sometimes, much like dolphins growing human hands, isn’t always true!  As a believer, we can obtain all the wisdom that we desire and God says so in James 1:5!

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. 

Pray and ask God for wisdom.  One last thing, now that you are a recipient of Lois’ knowledge and wisdom, be careful which chef you watch on the Food Channel!

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